Monday, 30 August 2021

Who Is Sola Adesakin? Inside With the Nigerian Chartered Accountant That’s Rocking the Financial Literacy World- Yahoo Finance


Our Lead Coach, Sola Adesakin, was featured on Yahoo Finance on the 21st of August, 2021.

In the short, but interesting article, she explained what led her into teaching Financial Literacy.

She also emphasized her commitment to making a clear distinction between those who are keen on growing legitimate wealth and those who aren’t, then focus on empowering the former.

Looking ahead; she says, Smart Stewards, will continue to help Africans home and abroad to achieve their crucial financial milestones, using financial literacy tools and helping them gain access to viable investment opportunities in their home countries and around the world.

You may read the full article here on Yahoo Finance.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Start SomeHow, SomeWhere, Some..Soon

Monday Motivator:

Yesterday, My heart was filled with joy as I saw three of my sisters in church offering their unique products for sale after the service was over. What they offered were products that fell in the lowest pyramid of  Maslow's hierarchy of Needs; which are the physiological needs. Let me spare you the plenty grammar. What were they offering? Food and Drinks; in different forms and varieties. Now don't think I am talking about cooked food. They were offering the regular products we are used to buying but with different twists. I leave the rest to your imagination.

The joy for me was that these three individuals a couple of months ago were not in business, yet, a few months down the line, they have all established thriving businesses with regular and returning customers and for all three, if you had not called to book ahead of time before Sunday, you won't get the products till the following week. Their products always sold out!

 For years, I used to say business is not my thing, but over time, I have come to realize that when you are able to identify a particular need and you find within yourself resources to meet those needs, then you are qualified to earn money. And what is Business? Earning money. Then, I believe it is okay to say everyone definitely has the capacity to do business! Inability to see what you can do, is a function of inability to see what you possess on the inside of you. 

Each time I hear the word recession, I see positivity and say No, it's a time of Ascension.
 I have been rusticated from the school of Negativity, in fact, I was sent away with fury. I have enrolled in the college of Positivity and with no iota of doubt, I will graduate with a distinction in success and fulfillment. What about you?

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Women: Raisers and Nurturers

Women are naturally raisers, nurturers, builders and God made it so. We arguably possess the power of persistence to nurture and raise things more than any one else.
I had an interesting chat with an elderly woman a few days ago and with an admirable pride and a small grin, she said; "Look, I have done business for over 30 years, I know what I am saying and I take pride in what I do". Beneath the Wrinkled face and hands, was the sweet spirit of a resilient soul who's still very determined to make the best out of life.
Women are Keepers and Raisers. You think otherwise? Why is it the woman God has made custodian of the fertilized ovum (or egg). Funny Fact, But No coincidence that women are able to grow and keep long hair: which takes a lot of effort. We are able to keep and nurture long nails. We can get pregnant and still go around doing business as usual. You see a woman going through stuffs and yet she's going about her business as though nothing is wrong. He knows we can patiently and persistently nurture any and everything including Time.
This isn't about gender equality or anything, but a call for every woman reading this to appreciate what she's made of.
Married or Single, young or old, baby or toddler, Every woman is raising something or somebody, the home or the society, nations and generations.
Now Look at your both hands, clasp them together and appreciate all you have built and will build.
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Monday, 25 July 2016

What Has Age Got To Do With Destiny?

When I was much younger, I had a lot of friends that were older than me and I wanted to grow up so quickly so I could command more respect, avoid being bullied around and all of that. If it had been possible, I didn't mind adding year or two to my age; I just wanted to grow up faster!

Ask me today if I still feel the same way.... Oh no, I want to grow "younger" if possible; I really would love to write notes to my 20s and early /mid 30s ; maybe get a 5 year age discount but hey, I'm grateful for my age, for where I am , for who I am because God has destined me to be here NOW! What if I lived in the 1200s or 1700s? Would I have taken God to court?

You see, irrespective of your biological age, AGE is just a number. God doesn't go by our earthly numbers. He chose to use an 80 year old man to lead His children through a 40 year journey. He chose a 100 year old man and a 90 year old woman to birth the promised child who would become the patriarch of faith and yet, He chose an 8 year old boy-Josiah to rule as King over Israel, anointed a Seventeen year old David to rule also...

A few days ago, I read that Donald Trump is 70 years old and Hillary Clinton will be 69 in October. So even in the world, talking about what people can achieve, age is not an issue or a limiting factor. To command and demand respect is a good thing, but I smile when I hear people "demanding " respect and saying "don't you know how old I am?" .

What am I driving at? You are not too young or old to become what you dream/dreamt of becoming or what you desire to be. You can be every and any thing you purpose in your mind to be. You mean going to school at 60? Starting a business or a family at 50, relocating at 40? ......Yes!

Your biological age/ clock may tick, but someone said if that is your continuous focus and constant source of worry, remove the batteries from that clock and throw them away! 
Age is a case of mind over matter; if you don't mind, it doesn't matter- Mark Twain

Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday Motivator: Don't be slack, TRACK!

Some time ago, I had a unique experience and I knew there was a story worth sharing in it. I had always received mails and packages at my address seamlessly and so, as I awaited this particular package, I was excited because it was something very instrumental!  I kept tracking the parcel from the day I made the order and on the day it was meant to arrive, I was glad to read it was already “out for delivery". After a few hours of waiting to hear the bell ring to no avail, I went to check the computer to check the update and lo and behold it read “undeliverable to address." What that meant was that it would be returned to the sender! 

Wow, I was upset; No, that didn’t describe what I felt; I was disappointedly disconcerted! Luckily, the post office wasn't too far away! So I went with my ID and proof of address. Long and short, after two trips the same day, the parcel was located. 

The most surprising thing was that the address was perfect; it was appropriately addressed but how come it was returned as undeliverable? If I hadn't taken that step, it would have been returned to the sender and that would have meant a refund or the parcel being sent all over again. 

As I walked back home with my parcel, I reflected on what had happened and it occurred to me that had I not first of all tracked, I wouldn't have known the status and ultimately the point at which the package became undeliverable. 

Life requires Tracking, Our Desires require Tracking, our Prayers require Tracking, our Marriage, Business, Achievements and everything in Life require tracking. We need to constantly take stock of where we are, where we are meant to be and constantly take apt decisions. Circumvent Circumstances by God's Grace instead of Circumstances circumventing your Destiny.  A simple soul-searching and introspection could be the answer to a long standing question. 

Daniel prayed, God answered his prayers but there was an interception; just as my parcel was going to be intercepted. Had Daniel not prayed and inquired, his Blessings would have remained eternally intercepted. God doesn't derive pleasure in not answering our prayers. He does answer prayers!
Why then are our desires not coming to fruition? Is God a liar? NO!

A lot of times, I've heard people say Life isn't fair; yes life isn't fair but those who will not fear will fare well. You must be determined to make your one life count; and not be at the mercy of circumstances.

Live everyday deliberately and like a warrior who won't give up anytime soon; in fact never!

 The Pen.....

Monday, 16 May 2016

It's Smart to Self-Sharpen..

Fantastic Morning!

My Motivation today isn't the regular pat-on-the-shoulder, interesting type but hey, it's necessary to look inward from time to time, to make necessary changes that could sharpen our lives and make us better individuals generally .

Imagine driving in a heavy rain and your wiper isn't working: It' d be almost impossible to navigate your way, because your vision is affected by the rain and it's either you keep driving in the rain so slowly( which is very risky and could be frustrating), or stop to fix the faulty wiper OR better still halt your journey entirely until the rains stop.

As small as a car wiper is, it can bring you to a halt when it's faulty; delaying your journey in the process. It's wisdom to ensure it's in a good state before you are caught driving in the rains with bad wipers.

Sometimes in life, little things here and there are such that hinder us from making the big progress or taking giant strides. Dealing with pessimism could be an arduous task, yet it might be the key to moving to the next level in life for someone. A laid-back attitude to work, a disrespectful disposition to one's spouse, lack of trust in a relationship, laxity to the things of God, debilitating fear of the future, procrastination, laziness, impulsive spending , refusing to take responsibility and other habits that trip us over and again just generally hinder us from being our best life-version.
Everyone has got to do some introspection from time to time. Ecc 10:10 says "Using a dull axe requires great strength, so sharpen the blade. That's the value of wisdom, it helps you succeed"
Just like we sharpen our knife set for maximal cutting-strength, We all must be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and have a good heart-to-heart talk with "Ms Me" from time to time so as to become better business owners, employees, employers, wives, mothers and all. Doing the same thing time and again and expecting a different result is insanity according to a popular quote.

It's very easy to point out faults in other people, but it's usually difficult admitting to our own selves the need to make the teeny-weeny adjustments here and there within. Self-Examination, Self-Talk, Self-Motivate, Self-Sharpen sometimes is the key to optimal performance on Life's Stage Set.

We admire the Butterfly, but without it's metamorphosis cycle; the Larva (Caterpillar) hatching from an egg, losing of it's old skin, becoming a Pupa and then an adult, there's no beauty in sight....
Change is Necessary: Always!

The Pen....

Monday, 9 May 2016

He doesn't Need Your Wallet, He Needs Your Willingness!

Hi Friend,

Some Dreams, Ideas and Aspirations seem bigger than us such that when they cross our minds, we quickly try to dismiss them thinking they are figments of our imaginations.
God has been existing from ancient-dateless and He will be around for eternity. He's not small, He's not young, How can you expect His ways to be small? He achieves His works on earth through men; through you and I ; and if His works are great, His endowments in our lives are mega.

He said to Mary, I only need your body( to bare the Messiah), I need your consent and co-operation to carry Him for 9 months and to tutor Him for a few years.

Esther, I see destruction ahead of my people, I need you as a Queen in the palace, but that will entail you being carried away as a slave; It's a process but I am going to be with you all the way.....

Ruth, David my son is coming, I need to disrupt your life a bit, it's going to be a bit painful but I have a purpose in mind and it's gonna be sweet at the end.

Friend is there a vision in your heart, an ambition; purpose that keeps you thinking as your heart throbs with life but seems way bigger than you?

How do I raise the finances? How do I convince Investors, How do I explain this to people? How can I get through this? I don't think I speak well enough, I lack the confidence and drive, I am not persistent or tenacious to run with any vision...and a whole lot of other excuses.

That you can conceive it means you can achieve it. That it even crossed your mind is strong indication that God is in it. And if God is in it, you can be rest assured it's His project and He only needs your co-operation to make it happen.

God needs partners in the secular fields: in establishing and running conglomerates, in running the economy, in birthing schools, in ministry, in the music and entertainment industry, in communications,in technology, in speaking for the oppressed, in raising missionaries, in estabishing orphnages, tutoring the younger generation, caring for the aged, in any and every area of human existence.
You are a part of the solution-puzzle for your generation: Rise and Receive His Grace to fulfill your own part!

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Friday, 22 April 2016

A Plan and Purpose for Your Profiting

I like to use the Butterscotch flavourant when baking at home , but one day I tasted it and realized that I couldn’t consume it all by itself; It had such a sweet, sour, tangy taste combo but when mixed with other ingredients, the cake comes out super sweet. You wouldn’t gulp the baking powder mixed with water; neither would you start licking the butter all alone- They are all meant to be combined to give you your desired result. So are the good and seeming bad moments in life- They are all working together for a purpose!

Today, I bring to you a message of Hope and Assurance from the Bible; precisely from Jeremiah 29:11. A lot of people can quote that passage top of their head but today, I would like to read the verse just before it, to understand why God gave such an assurance.

“The LORD says, ‘When Babylonia's seventy years are over, I will show my concern for you and keep my promise to bring you back home. 11 I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.( Jer 29:11 GNT)
God’s people had been taken away in captive, and it wasn’t the first time this was happening- they were held bondage in Egypt but God came through and this season of their lives too, He assured He’d come through again.

The truth is that whilst we are here on earth, trials are bound to come time and again. Life is full of cyclical moments of Trials and Triumphs. Victory over a circumstance and answered prayers should be celebrated and whilst we move on to other things, we should go along with one; the lesson of every trial and secondly a stamp of gratitude on our hearts. Because just around the corner would be a challenge that will require both elements; the lesson and gratitude from previous trials as an anchor for our souls.

Sometimes you are tempted to wonder if God sees your predicaments at all. And especially when you talk to two, three other brethren, and everyone seems to have a challenge they are battling, you are so tempted to conclude that the era of God answering prayers is over.

No! God has a word on your subject, He’s got a plan and a purpose for you and it’s none other than taking you to the place of fulfillment.It sounds like a cliché but trust me, your challenges are not weighty to truncate the purpose of God for your life. Don’t pile up the weight of Ingratitude, grumbling, depression in your waiting moments.

I’ll end with the Message version of that scripture
“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for”

Keep Trusting God!

The Pen....

Monday, 14 March 2016

A Turn or A Detour?

Hi Friends,

Have you set out on a highway in an off-peak period or an expressway on a Sunday morning only for you to be confronted by an enormous traffic ahead? Have you ever being so convinced about a project, an endeavor and no sooner had you started, than you are faced with some seeming overwhelming challenges and difficulties that make you doubt your conviction and reassurance about the project?

When God created the heavens and the earth, He had eternal bliss in mind for man; unhindered access to him, a life void of pain and challenges but as this was evolving beautifully, man fell and the whole agenda looked threatened. Did that stop what He had in mind? No! With God,even failure WILL become part of His agenda for success. He had an eternal agenda even before the world existed and nothing could have stopped it….Woohoo!

Many a times, as human beings, when we start out an endeavor: ( a new job, marriage, project, business), each time we hit a difficulty, we begin to question if God was in it in the first instance, if we heard Him right, if we took the right decisions, if we married the right person, if we made the right career move, if the relocation was right etc. The presence of difficulty does not imply the absence of God in whatever journey you are on right now. A difficulty should not cut your dreams apart; neither should a challenge shatter your aspirations.

Have you noticed that when you are in a very serious traffic, most times the other side of traffic is usually free and fast moving? And for you to be on that moving side, you would have to turn around! Turning back wouldn’t take you to your destination; it only takes you back to where you started from!
In a fallen world, things do fall apart but as they do, from the roughest particles of debris, there can emerge the greatest masterpiece of a building.

Friend, be encouraged on your path irrespective of the delays, the denials, the disappointments, the disruptions, the dilemmas and the distortions. Life may thrust you into a detour route; but taking a detour is simply the act of going or traveling to a place along a way that is different from the usual or planned way. Be assured it'll only take you further to your destination!

Stay on Top!
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Monday, 1 February 2016

Having a Finisher's Mentality: Start Good, Finish Well

How many of you like me have stuffs you have started and they have been in comatose because of lack of will-power to finish, or maybe fear, laziness, lack of finances or for whatever reason you are not able to finish it yet?

A lot of times, many of us start out things we never finish for many inexcusable and sometimes tenable reasons; but there's never enough reason to abort any good thing you have started. .
Our Prayer card for today is very instructive! One of the best advice Jesus gave to his disciples whilst He was on earth. Luke 14: 28-29
“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enoughto finish it— 29 lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, 30 saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish’?”

Imagine if Jesus did not finish the assignment He came into this world to do. What if HE had succumbed to the temptations the devil brought His way? Where would we be today? No wonder the bible says HE is the Author and FINISHER of our Faith. Imagine if God our Father started out on the work of creation and He made the firmaments but He didn’t make the lights. Imagine if He made the fish before making the waters. Imagine if He had made man before making all other things. He embarked on the creation project in a very methodological way and He finished it. Whose children are we then if we never get to conclude things we start?

Ecc 7: 8 says Finishing is better than starting….(NLT). What are the things you need to finish up on?
Finish up Reading your Bible?
Finish drawing up your budget?
Finish the diet plan you started?
Finish the distance-learning course you embarked on?
Finish learning that skill you set out to do?
Finish the financial makeover you started?
Here are 7 things that will help You and I Finish well going forward!
1. FEAR: Ditch fear, embrace courage. For everything you ever had the nerves to start, you have the guts to finish
2. FEELINGS: If you go by your feelings, then you will only make progress when you feel high or happy. Whether you feel like it or not, push yourself a little further and farther; you are almost there!
3. FUTURE: See the big picture. Someone once said “you can’t feature in a future you can’t picture”. How does botching this project affect the future? Is this a Must do for some other things to fall into place?
4. FRIEND: In the multitude of counsel there is safety. How about having someone you can truly be accountable for in order to finish up on the assignment. There’s always a friend who would stick close to you and cheer you to completion!
5. FUN: Consider the fun and reward you’d get when you finish up. Imagine having to start making money from attending the next liquid soap making class! Imagine getting to win an all-sponsored trip overseas for being one of the best staff at work?
6. FINANCE: How does this project/ affect my finances? What does this delay spell out for my bottom-line? Positive or negative? Only you can answer that. I recently shared on how delaying some pound-denominated project I haven’t finished is costing me so much more in the light of the current exchange rates....
Just because I delayed!
7. FAITH: Have faith you will succeed. Fight the good fight like the people in Hebrews 11 did. In spite of all, you too can make it and succeed!
Remember: If you could conceive it, then you have ALL its takes to achieve it. May you be an author and finisher of good things!
I wish you a Terrific and not a Febrific( Feverish) February!
I love you

The Pen.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Stolen From A Feast

Hi Readers,

Can we today look into the scriptures just a little deeper? My post today is a  story from the bible that shows how with God, a little can become a mighty one. God is the greatest Steward ever and He's accountable to no one but Himself. He creates, He recreates, He invests, He uses, He reuses, He makes a message out of a mess and He can indeed out turn a thing of shame into a story of fame.

Judges 21:19-21 NKJV

“Then they said, “In fact, there is a yearly feast of the LORD in Shiloh, which is north of Bethel, on the east side of the highway that goes up from Bethel to Shechem, and south of Lebonah.” Therefore they instructed the children of Benjamin, saying, “Go, lie in wait in the vineyards, and watch; and just when the daughters of Shiloh come out to perform their dances, then come out from the vineyards, and every man catch a wife for himself from the daughters of Shiloh; then go to the land of Benjamin.”

When I read this story, I already had a couple of lines I was going to talk along....."Oh, ladies don't necessarily do what others do so you don't get what they get........., be led by the spirit always so you won't go to the wrong places ....etc but alas, The Spirit ministered something exciting into my mind.....

Meet Benjamin, the last born of Jacob and arguably the smallest tribe of Israel : in a story in Judge 20/21, they had committed a despicable act. Amongst them were homosexuals who wanted to sleep with a visiting Levite and after much begging and persuasion, they instead raped his concubine to the point of death( read the full story in Judges 21).

Anyway, the other tribes were angry at them and in one single day, 25,000 men of Benjamin were killed leaving just about 600 men. Women and children were all killed and the land was completely annihilated.....Phew! The clan of Benjamin had to start all over again; wives were needed for them for procreation and after getting 400 virgins from a town, 200 ladies were needed more; which led to the incident described in the scripture above. Believe you me, innocent girls were carried away from a feast, a modern day party. ( go read that story)What! How would you have felt if you were among those ladies. God forbid......And small did Benjamin become, having to start all over again.

God never forgot them. He was still interested in them. God had plans, if not for all, but at least two (2) out of those ladies and you know what the amazing , unclear, wrapped-in-obscurity plan was? ........they became the Matriarchs of 2 great people mentioned in the scriptures.

Saul the first King of Israel AND Saul( turned Paul) ,one of the greatest apostles of all times; who wrote 2/3rd of the New Testament! Yes both of them were from the tribe of Benjamin! ( Read 1st Sam 9:1-2, Acts 13:21 Rom 11:1). 
Wow, that's not a coincidence, but a reaffirmation that God is the lifter of heads, the lifter of the downcast.

Who says destiny isn't up-gradable? You may have been born out of bizarre circumstances ( like Jabez), or maybe you were a product of an illicit relationship ( like Jephthah) or from a perceived weak lineage ( like Gideon). When GRACE locates you, it rotates your destiny by 360 degrees. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God will shine forth!

You are the next great thing happening to your generation...Woohoo!

Love always,

The Pen


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Acsah & Othniel: Like Almonds in Oatmeal

In my last post, I discussed the life of a beautiful girl named Acsah; the daughter of the highly celebrated Caleb. Read it Here.
Acsah was married off to Othniel by reason of a vow her father had her made that whosoever conquered the land of Kirjath Sepher would get his daughter as wife. We could easily assume this was unknown to her. I kind of think that in those days, parents had the right to just marry off their children; with or without their consent to whoever they (the father) wanted (Remember Saul gave out his daughter Michal to David).
And so here was an upwardly mobile Achsah whose career was going to be grounded, she was going to be taken away to a remote village, far away from her familiar terrain. She however placed demands on her father and she got really good inheritance.
What kind of woman was Achsah in her home? Was she bitter? Was she domineering? Did she encourage her husband? We already know Othniel her husband was a warrior but that didn’t mean he’d continue to be a warrior. We’ll see what became of him/them just below.
Judges 3:9: When the children of Israel cried out to the Lord, the Lord raised up a deliverer for the children of Israel, who delivered them: Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother. 10The Spirit of the Lordcame upon him, and he judged Israel. He went out to war, and the Lord delivered Cushan-Rishathaim king of Mesopotamia into his hand; and his hand prevailed over Cushan-Rishathaim.11So the land had rest for forty years.........

Wow! Othniel started strong, continued being strong and remained super strong. He must have been a complete package for Achsah. I kind of also think they must have been some power-couple. Whilst Achsah was managing the finances and the home-front; the different investments, the savings, the children, groceries, managing tenants and all, Othniel was busy fighting and conquering nations.
Ladies, support your husbands, don’t consider only the superficial in considering that guy toasting you. He may not look like what you want him to look like yet, but as long as God is with him and he has your support, He’ll get there. Forget the errors and stories of the past, don’t keep blaming your parents or friends, and don’t also think you married wrongly. Even if you did, there always is the God-factor that makes things right! The path of the righteous shines brighter unto the perfect day common, make up your mind to partner with God in making things work. He never fails on any project.
And for the single ladies, I know we hear a lot about Ruth and Boaz, how come we hardly hear about Achsah and Othniel? You may want to read more about these power couple and glean ideas from their lives…..
And oh yes, Achsah became the First lady of Israel; her husband ruled Israel for 40 good years!
May God make our men Strong, Spirit-filled, Smashing Spouses Super Dads, Smart Dudes!
The Pen......

Act Like ACHSAH!

Imagine getting home from school on a sunny afternoon, after fulfilling a hard day’s task of rigorous lectures and presentations; on jour journey to becoming a medical doctor; marriage isn’t even in the plans for you yet, (well maybe it can happen in another couple of years) …….and then you see a couple of cars at the entrance of your father’s gate…..Is anything the matter dad? Errrrrm… No, it’s just that I got into a business agreement and my part of the deal is to give you out as a bride and they are here to pick you to a remote town thousands of mile away……….

Such was what probably happened to Achsah; Caleb’s daughter in the bible. Her father had vowed to give her to whoever attacked and captured a land called Kirjath Sepher. Othniel did and here he was with his family and friends, to claim his bounty.
Life could be funny, unpredictable with its many twists and turns and our Motivation today is from the story of a young girl who was bold enough to turn life’s lemons into lemonade. She was wedded off without her consent probably , her hopes shattered, her aspirations truncated but she determined her best days were just ahead of her.
Read the full story which incidentally was mentioned word for word twice in the bible. ( Joshua 15:16 and Judges 1:12). What amazes me about her was her determination in getting the best out of life. She had life going on for her and all of a sudden, she was being “dashed” out to a man. Give me a blessing, give me springs of water she demanded from her father! She also urged her husband to ask for a field from her father. She was wise enough to prepare herself and posterity for the future; No need to embrace bitterness or court excuses!
There is a Generation of those who refuse to be bowed by life. They may be pressed but they are not crushed, persecuted but not abandoned….they brush off life’s dirts and embrace a diet strictly geared for success. God turns our ginger into ginger ale and He makes beautiful stories of our lives.
You may not have someone to give you springs of water or a huge inheritance but you have God the Father who is willing to give you all things! In your DNA are embedded genes for success! It’s non-negotiable!
You’ve got your part to play however. I’d list out just 7 Ds….Think about them.
1. Discover yourself- Identify your gifts
2. Be Determined- Barriers notwithstanding
3. Be Diligent- Give yourself wholly to what you are doing
4. Be Dedicated- Learn all you need to. Be passionate
5. Be Disciplined- Curb your excesses
6. Diversify- Identify other areas about your life
7. Date greatness, Dine with Excellence, Ditch Mediocrity!
Love Always! Woohoo!

Stay tuned for my post on Othniel......
The Pen......

Monday, 9 November 2015

Don't Shun this Shunammite!

Hi Friends!

Let me share with you an interesting story from the life of a woman in the bible. Chances are you've read so much about her and if not, you'd read about her below. You know the popular christian cliche we hear and say every now and then? Arguably, I think it must have started from her. 
Have a good read!

“And it fell on a day, that Elisha passed to Shunem, where was a great woman; and she constrained him to eat bread. And so it was, that as oft as he passed by, he turned in thither to eat bread.”
2 Kings 4:8 KJV
Our focus character today is a woman whose name wasn't mentioned in the bible; She was only referred to by the town she came from; we all know her as the Shunammite Woman!
This was a woman who had a void in her life; she was barren, had no kids, respectable, known in the society; but she wasn't introduced by the challenge in her life. She was introduced to us as a GREAT woman, with an act of generosity following her introduction. Definitely greatness isn’t measured by what you have or what you wear but who YOU ARE. You may feel inadequate, plagued by life’s challenges but one thing is sure, greatness is in you!

Talking about this "great woman", We may not know many things about her; but here are 6 Gs I see in her life.

1. Generous: She was great and she was given to helping people. She provided a house/ food for Elisha; an itinerant pastor. Needless to say her needs were met and she got blessed with the fruit of the womb.

2. Gregarious: To be gregarious means to be friendly, amiable, and full of life. It doesn't matter what life serves on your plate. You turn the lemon into lemonades and trust God to turn your bitter waters to beautiful springs. Serve your generation, be friendly, have a good disposition. Be known for good things, don't wear your problems, be strong in the Lord!

3. Go- Getter: God has blessed you, given you a vision, go for it. Let nothing hinder you. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, but on what and who you can become. You are more than this!

4. Gainfully Occupied: The idle mind is the devil’s workshop they say. Keep yourself occupied, learn a skill, enroll for a course, start an NGO, help out in church. Keep doing something and that great opportunity you desire will definitely come.

5. Grateful. A grateful heart is the springboard for a great life. If you are not grateful, your blessings might be grated. Keep your focus on the good things God has blessed you with. It’s the secret of a happy and thankful heart. The Shunammite woman's gratitude of heart opened the door to more blessings in her life. Are you living a thankful life? We all need to live thanksliving lives!

6. Godly: Oh what a godly woman the Shunammite woman was. She held on to God, to His word and to His prophet in the face of challenges. Do you realize the popular “IT IS WELL” phrase that Christians ( in fact everybody) says started from her. It didn’t matter what things looked like, she just kept saying It is well!
Check out the full story in 2nd Kings Chapter 4 and stake note of  other Godly attribute you see in this Great woman. I bet there are a lot more.

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Keep your Brother, Not his faults( Brother's Keeper)

A couple of days ago, I had a small domestic accident in the kitchen : a small sharp object pieced into my nail and the pain was so intense and sharp. I felt it right in the middle of my brain and every other part of my body. As I went around the house, trying to see how I could abate the pain, I remembered that earlier that morning, I had read  something in the bible….wait a minute…

 Rom 12: 4- For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office:5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

 That scripture further made sense to me: Indeed, if a member of the body suffers, no matter how small it may be, the entire body suffers with it. If a member of the body is weak, it definitely has an impact  and  slows down the performance of the entire body.  

Yes the Bible admonishes us to be strong, perfect and wanting nothing, but then just like the growth of babies differ, the rate of growth of everyone differs from one another; the reason why some people may struggle with the same mistakes and sin over and over again. We need to be our brother’s keeper, not a keeper of their faults.

 Rom 15: 1(Msg) Those of us who are strong and able in the faith need to step in and lend a hand to those who falter, and not just do what is most convenient for us.

 David’s story always amazes me and maybe that’s why I co-authored a book about him. Read the excerpts of my book Here .

 To what extent can we as leaders, christians, bear the burden of those who are weak in spite of our own cares and burdens? In 1st Samuel 22, David had 400 chaotic, obnoxious, distressed, discontented, debt-ridden men who had been battered by life gathered to him and he became their leader. Hmmn; one problematic person in church, fellowship, a group, or at work and we are quick to complain about such a person. We whine and "pray" the person away from us because he is such a "nuisance". The Love of Christ teaches us otherwise.

 Sometimes, people exhibit some character flaws because of the weight of life on their shoulders; just some love and yes more love and commitment can make a difference in their lives. Didn't David win almost all his battles? Didn't he have one of the most enviable reign in Israel? How did he accomplish all that....Alone? Oh no, He had men, great men and they must have been out of those 400!

Everyone has potentials to become a  spiritual giant; one day at a time, one step at a time, the stronger ones should be willing to lend a helping hand without necessarily  turning the person’s issues into gossip points all in the name of praying for such.

Some may be unwilling to change, always causing trouble; have nothing to do with such just as Paul admonishes us in Ephesians 5:11. But for those who are willing to learn, teachable, lets bear with them until they become mature and strong in faith.

Talking about the discontented men that became followers of David, in my next post, I will talk about how Troublemakers can actually become one's Bubblemakers.

Remain rooted in Grace.

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